How Does Divorce Moderation Work?

divorce agreement
Lawyers who perform divorce moderation do much more than help draw up divorce papers. Final divorce papers must be signed to dissolve the marriage, but the divorce proceedings must begin with moderated negotiations between you and your spouse. You may end your marriage at any time, but a trained lawyer will help you end your marriage with dignity and poise. This article explains how you may use divorce moderation to get out of your marriage without a protracted battle.

#1: Moderators Help Air Grievances

A divorce is often filled with many grievances that are very hard to work through, and the two parties in a divorce must have a chance to air their grievances with a lawyer present. The lawyers will take note of each grievance that is listed, and those grievances will become part of the final negotiation. You must have time to say what you need to say, and a moderator will help you do so in a safe environment.

#2: Divorce Moderators Ensure Both Parties Discuss Their Problems

legal proceduresA divorce could become a battle that merely pits two people against each other who are looking to win. The battle cannot be won when both sides are fighting without speaking. A lawyer will moderate talks that help both sides determine what must be done to help dissolve the marriage peacefully. The two sides in a marriage often fight for small things that have great meaning without explanation, but your lawyer will demand an explanation so that you may come to a conclusion that satisfies both people.

#3: Divorce Lawyers Keep Both Parties Out Of The Courtroom

No judge wants to drag a couple into court when the divorce can be settled out of court, and your lawyer will prevent you from standing in front of a judge to complete your divorce. You must agree to moderation to prevent a very ugly case in court, and you must allow your lawyer to work on the demands that you have. A bitter divorce battle could ensue when you do not allow lawyers to moderate your case, and you will find that you can walk away peacefully once moderation is over.

#4: Ask Your Lawyer To Help With Custody

child custodyThe custody battle over your children could be the hardest part of your divorce, and you must ensure that you allow your lawyer to speak into the custody battle. You and your spouse can come to an agreement with the help of your lawyer, or you may ask your lawyer to look into potentially dangerous parenting behaviors of your spouse. Allow your lawyer to do the investigation, and allow your lawyer to talk about custody during all moderation sessions.

Working with a divorce moderator will help you ensure that your divorce ends without a battle. You do not need to fight with your spouse when you may speak with a moderator present. The moderator will help you come to a conclusion that is fair, and you will not be forced to fight with your spouse to end your divorce.